Born through the ashes AEK was established in 1924 by refugees from Constantinople, Smyrna and other places of Asia Minor who came to Greece after their persecution from the West coast of Turkey in 1922. This coast had been dominated by the Greek element for thousands of years. The Greeks of Constantinople, Smyrna and every other spot of the coast, who had achieved great things for centuries, were forced to move towards ‘mother land’, Greece. The Greek refugees settled in the country and helped with its development in every sector. Amongst them were the people who envisaged a club that would represent the values of the refugees from Constantinople and honour their culture and art.  Costas Spanoudis, reporter and minister (at a later point) in Venizelos’ government, was the first president of AEK FC, professor Nikos Eleopoulos, was the Vice-President, while Timoleon Tagaris, Menelaos Karotsieris, Miltos Jeremiadis, Ionas (who became president at a later point) and Dimopoulos were the first members of the board of directors. The first achievements In 1929, the Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, gave permission for the piece of land in Nea Filadelfia to be granded to AEK for its stadium, which stood there until 2003. It wasn´t long after acquiring the club´s own stadium when AEK begun the cource of success. Three years later, the season 1931-1932, AEK won the first Cup beating Aris with 5-3 in the final. Kostas Negrepontis (a veteran), who was the club’s star, had also played in the Greek club of Constantinople Pera Club (which was actually the ‘ancestor’ of AEK) during the 1st and 2nd decade of the century. Maropoulos, Delavinias, Ribas, Sklavounos, Manetas, Tzanetis, Mageiras, Hatzistavridis and other exceptional footballers seemed capable of predominating Greek football. They made their way to the ‘double’ in 1939 (the first one in Greece) and became champions again in 1940 with Kostas Negrepontis guiding them, as the coach this time. The team’s course was stopped unexpectingly due to the World War II. The first post-war titles In 1949 and 1950, with Jack Bibie as the coach, AEK won the Greek Cup, beating Panathinaikos, 2-1, and Aris, 4-0. The coach was the first one to use numbers on the jerseys in Greece. Delavinias, Maropoulos, Mageiras and Tzanetis were playing, supported by the ‘new blood’ Goulios, Patakas, Koudouris, Poulis and Emmanouilidis. The last two along with Kanakis, Chaniotis, Serafidis, Stamatiadis and other great players, were also the winners of the Greek Cup in 1956 after beating Olympiakos, 2-1, in the Alexandras Avenue stadium.
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