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Welcome to AEK FC Sydney supporters club’s website ! Athletic Union of Constantinople…A club, an initiative of a group of refuges from Constantinople, only two years after the Destruction of 1922. The need for the creation of a cultural spine, a body that would soothe the sorrows, unite their dreams and give them back their lost pride, seemed immeasurably greater than the need for daily survival. In 1924, two years after the Asia Minor disaster, a group of Constantinopolitans decided to establish a club called Athletic Union of Constantinople. AEK FC became at that point a reality … years went by, the club began to grow, perhaps beyond the expectations of its founders. The great squads promoted by the yellow-black Union and the continuous success in both Greece and Europe, combined with the important value of the Idea represented, gradually brought large crowds to the Club. A club that originally referred only to Constantinopolitans became over the years one of the major sports organizations for all refugees in Greece. At the same time, its dynamic was so impressive for the wider Greek societyit did not take long for AEK to become one of the top teams in the country. AEK FC has been over time an important contender for titles and success. In football AEK has won 28 national titles (11 Championships, 14 Cups, 2 Super Cups, 1 League Cup), while consistently representing Greece in European competitions. It is worth mentioning that AEK was the first Greek team to make it to the phase of ‘8’ in a European competition and the only one to be found in the quarterfinals of all the Champions Cup, the UEFA Cup and the erstwhile Cup Winners Cup. A peak moment for the club is making it to the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in the season 1976-77. AEK has had, nevertheless success in numerous other sports, notably the unforgettable Cup Winners Cup victorybasketball in 1968 in the Kallimarmaro stadium. The first European title to be won by a Greek team consisting only of Greek players. AEK is not just another football club. It's an idea. It stands for values and promotes culture both on and out of the field. AEK represents the refugees, the lost land, the pride of the Greeks of Asia Minor. AEK takes pride from its roots, it honours them and carries them everywhere through the double-headed eagle, inspired by the Byzantine Empire emblem. In all those years of history, AEK has drawn its own special course. The values of the club, perhaps even the size of the original idea, the national destruction of 1922, have been so catalytic that gave the club the opportunity to rise above enemies and pointless rivalries.The overall objective of AEK FC has been to attract those who believe in a higher value of sport and life and in the value of winning against's own self, with the sole objective of continuous progress and development. AEK has been, is and will be promoting these values. The course followed for almost a century is and can be an example for all of us. And as it seems, this course will be followed by more and more people, all driven by the two-headed eagle, gazing with pride to both East and West, and the yellow and black colors, all inspired by the Byzantine Empire.
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Κυπελλούχος Ελλάδας 2016 η ΑΕΚ Με κατάθεση ψυχής στο κεκλεισμένων των θυρών ΟΑΚΑ και σκόρερ τους Μάνταλο και Τζεμπούρ η ΑΕΚ λύγισε 2-1 τον Ολυμπιακό και πανηγυρίζει απόψε το 15ο κύπελλο στην ιστορία της.